Bruce & Lee
8 Minutes Left
Artic Circle


Bruce & Lee

Drama ● 45 – 55 minutes ● 1 f, 1 m ● Set: Minimal

Bruce and his daughter Jackie sometimes struggle to connect, but they share a tradition of sending each other a video message every year on their mutual birthday. Reaching out can stir up funny family stories and raw emotional truths. Reaching out can be frustrating. Reaching out can increase your connection, or distance, or both. But they reach out every year. Bruce & Lee is a mosaic of monologues that weaves through time to reveal two complex, singular lives and one deeply resonant relationship between father and daughter.

8 Minutes Left (as the “e” in e.b. lee)

Drama/Comedy ● 90 - 100 minutes ● 5-22 actors ● Set: Minimal

The world is coming to an end at exactly 4:44PM today, and no one has had any time to prepare. 8 Minutes Left follows the residents of Charlesville, NJ as they navigate their final moments on this Earth – from a couple with a bunker in their backyard who can’t quite figure out how to get in, to two elderly frenemies who fight over their favorite park bench, to a mother observing her children on a playground as she wonders what their lives would have become, this thoughtful and keenly observed play manages to find the intimate humor of humans in crisis.

Arctic Circle (as the “e” in e.b. lee)

Drama ● 80 - 90 minutes ● 1 f, 1 m ● Set: Minimal

Faye is an astrophysicist working on a revolutionary project at a remote research facility in Antarctica. Auden is a professor in California fumbling his way through the planning of his best friend’s engagement party. When the party causes Faye and Auden’s paths to cross online, they begin a Love Letters-style correspondence that spans continents… and maybe even time. Arctic Circle is at once a romantic comedy, a work of science fiction, and a drama about love, loss, and searching for connections.


Comedy ● 10 minutes ● 4 actors ● Set: Minimal

A gallery intern matches wits with a mischievous anti-artist.